Coaching, Motivational Speaking, Inspiration from Jeff Grant
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About Jeff

I’ve been described as having infectious enthusiasm, relentless positive energy, and always a smile to share. Truth is, I’m just thrilled to be alive and to have the chance to pursue my passions on a daily basis. I love helping people improve their lives and offering them tools and insights for thriving in adversity. The more opportunities I have to make new connections and help people awaken and strengthen their Inner Coach’s voice, the happier and more fulfilled I am.




Are you looking for a speaker for your upcoming corporate or team event?

My energetic, authentic and passionate style of communication has proven successful in audience engagement and my stories weave tightly into take-away themes directly applicable to success in business and life. My approach integrates my expertise in Flow and endurance sports performance with my extensive corporate experience and adventures around the world.



In 2016, I launched the Flow State® series of coaching books, starting with Flow State Runner. The focus of this book series is to teach you to break through obstacles in your sports and life by activating your Inner Coach’s voice. My mission is to advocate and teach the experience of flow state as a daily practice in all things important and to provide my readers with the concepts, tools and inspiration to live happier, more fulfilled lives.


Would you like to work together in person?

I primarily offer workshops and retreats in Switzerland. A few times a year, I also occasionally teach at events in other countries.



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“There’s a voice inside of all of us that tells us to accomplish what we desire and never quit. This is our inner coach. This is a voice that tells us to believe in ourselves.” – Jeff Grant