Performance in chaos & adversity; Team events building Switzerland
Team Events, Corporate Team Training, Team Building
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Team Events

I’ve trained and developed teams in a wide variety of settings, from corporate to military and sports. I specialize in delivering team experiences that are high-energy, memorable, and customized for the client’s needs. Activities include obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, chaos drills, group physical training, adventure race simulations, training in a team with logs, and tasks designed to expand limits and take people out of their comfort zones in a safe and controlled manner.


Themes Include:


  • Performance in chaos & adversity
  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Trust
  • Communication


My team events are prepared and delivered with a keen view of the client’s needs. I work with each client to ensure that the level of physicality is appropriate to the group and setting. Some events are extremely light physically (set for indoors and in business clothes). Other events are quite challenging physically. Most commonly, I incorporate a mix with the potential for the team to share activities across the group. This ensures that the challenge is appropriate for each attendee type.

An average team event is 3 hours in duration and takes place outside. Some events are as short as 1 hour and other events are as long as a full day. Activities are designed to expose and train the client’s requested area(s) of development. This typically includes a mix of challenges spanning physical, creative, mental, trust, humor, camaraderie, senses, awareness, and more.


Past Clients Include:


  • LK Zug Handball Team
  • ABV Stuttgart Lacrosse (German National Champions)
  • Police SWAT Team in Switzerland
  • Randstad Germany
  • SABMiller (now Anheuser-Busch InBev)
  • Nike Switzerland (Club der Töchter)
  • CrossFit Leman, CrossFit Zug / CrossFit Luzern, CrossFit Horgen


Team Training Background:


  • Managed numerous global virtual teams in a large decentralized multinational financial services company, spanning many cultures.
  • Earned a rare civilian instructor position at SEALFIT Academies and the 50-hour Kokoro mental toughness crucible, which is modeled on US Navy SEAL Hell Week. I coached at 15 of these events, which are designed as transformational experiences in personal growth, leadership and performance in a team setting.
  • Delivered 30+ team events and on staff for dozens of others.




Please contact me by email to discuss your needs.