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Motivational Speaking

Prior to becoming a coach and author, I worked for 18 years in corporate positions, including 5 years as an expat for a multinational financial services corporation working in global management roles in Europe and the Americas. My speciality was in achieving synergies across disparate and often culturally different divisions through developing virtual teams, challenging the status quo and balancing techniques of spearheading and consensus-building to get things done.


Today I combine this extensive corporate experience with engaging and entertaining stories to motivate and inspire corporate groups, business associations and sports teams. These stories of adventure, sport and health transformation stem directly from my experiences in places such as Alaska, the Andes, Morocco, the Alps, Thailand, Galapagos and more. My energetic, authentic and passionate style of communication has proven successful in audience engagement and the stories weave tightly into take-away themes directly applicable to success in business and life.


Themes include:


  • Delivering an Exceptional Performance
  • Rising Above Self-imposed Limits
  • Harnessing the Power of Visualization
  • Mental Toughness and Thriving in Adversity
  • Cultivating Flow State in Individuals and Teams


The message can be tailored to a specific event focus. In addition, motivational talks may be combined with Team Events. I offer organizations the sensitivity and perception from someone who thrived in global work in multiple cultures and who desires to see the desired message reach the audience.


Speech times range from 20-60 minutes, customized to the client’s requirements.


Past Clients include:

  • SABMiller (now Anheuser-Busch InBev)
  • UBS
  • Randstad Germany
  • Namics
  • The Stamford Group
  • Zurich International School
  • Swiss Greenkeeper Association
  • Swiss Finance & Property AG


To sample my speaking style and personality, please feel free to listen to my interview on Wellness Force Radio, view the video below, or see my  other videos on Youtube.